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I.S.T. SL contact

For a best service to customers and Web contacts administration our corporate address, phones and fax will be sent once upon reception of the form.
Your interlocutor will be Mrs Claire Beyou, export department pharmacist.

Important reminder

1. European Union export conditions
To enable us to send a quotation on pharmaceutical products, customers will be requested to provide a Company profile in order to verify if they are an authorized pharmaceutical company. As a pharmaceutical exporter, we must notify to the Spanish Sanitary Authority which is the final destination of the medicines, so we may previously check all the details about the importer company.

2. To save your time we thank you not to contact us if
- your are not yet a professional of drugs and medical products
- you have not yet an official agreement as a drug importer
- you had not yet imported drugs or medical products
- you don't have yet the budget to import drugs or medical products.

3. Wholesale only: no retail and no sending of any drugs to private persons.

4. Payment conditions
100% before any sending.

We thank you for your visit, your interest and your time.

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