SCAC Network since 1993   

SCAC Network business partners examples


West Africa tropical goods, agro products and plants sourcing

Senegal ornamental baobabs, baobab seeds and baobabs by-products for cosmetics industry

South-Africa fresh fruits such as apples, pears, grape, plums and citrus

Cote d'Ivoire high quality organic coconuts

Burkina Faso and Ghana organic mangoes, papayas, pinepples, hibiscus sabdariffa and other agro products

West Africa tropical and Sahel areas plants, herbs and seeds such as annatto seeds, Griffonia simplicifolia and many other


All UL or CA approval Chinese solar devices for professional and household uses

China Guangxi and Guandong floor tile and wall tile

China sanitary ware and taps

China machinery export office
Agri machines, ice making machines, ....

China natural, mixed and synthetic hair wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions and braids

Singapore food products and and palm kernels products

Bangkok direct exporter of Thailand and Vietmam rice


Canada smoked herring, salted herring and alewife

Canada Asia exporter of cooling products

Canada used vessels supplier


Italy new and used soap making machines

Italy household and professional solar powered driers
Solar driers of 0.3m3, 2m3 and 23m3 for meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and plants

Romania manufacturer of bakery ovens and compact bakery machinery for small and medium size bakeries

All Belgian beers for export

Spain wholesale exporter of all drugs and pharmaceutical products available in the European Union

Italy spaghettis and pasta

European major exporter of frozen meat
Europe, Brasil and Argentina frozem meat direct exporter towards Europe, Africa and Asia

Italy table wines in TetraPak containers, glass bottles, plastic jugs and bag-in-boxes
Wines, concentrate wines, grape must, grape juice and concentrate grape juice in bulk

Europe best animal feed producer and exporter towards 40 countries

China Machinery Export Office South-Africa apples, pears, grapes, citrus and other fresh ruits Europe animal nutrition products Italy soap soap making machines Canada shipping to Africa & Europe