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SCAC Network Inc success fees for Web trade & services

No fees have to be paid by the buyers except a prior agreement for commercial searching services.

When a transaction is completed, the seller owes a "Success Fee" for our matchmaking service. This commission (excluding taxes, if any, and bank fees) is calculated as a nominal percentage of the whole amount of the transaction (FOB basis only), as shown in the table below:

Average success fees rates

For foodstuffs, agro-products, minerals and forestry *

Amount of transaction (FOB basis) Commission rate (by brackets)
Under USD 50,000 1.5% (minimum fees USD 100.00 except subscribers)
From 50,001 USD to 100,000 USD 1.0%
Over USD 100,000 0.5%

For all manufactured products and services *

Amount of transaction (FOB basis) Commission rate (by brackets)
Under USD 30,000 3,5% (minimum fees USD 100.00 except subscribers)
From 30,001 USD to 200,000 USD 3%
Over USD 200,000 2%

 * Otherwise any prior other written agreement or for some products such cereals, rice, flour, edible oil and products sold with over 10.000 MT orders. Feel free to consult us for any special product.

Example: for a transaction of foodstuffs amounting to USD 120,000 the applicable rate is 1.5%. from 1 to 50,000 USD,  1% from 50,001 to 100,000 USD and 0.5% from 100,001 USD  to 120,000 USD.   Therefore, the seller owes SCAC Inc. a commission of USD 750 USD + 500 USD + 100 USD = 1,350.00 USD net.

Subscribers can deduce up to 50% of commissions up to annual subscription fees amount.

We accept only payment by bank transfer, Paypal or certified check issued by a major US, Asia or European Union bank to SCAC Network Inc

The invoice that is issued when a service is charged specifies all payment terms and bank references.

For all additional services a specific cost estimate will be available  upon request.

For any inquiry, please feel free to contact us

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