Europe patent medicines, generic drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products

Europe drugs authorized wholesaler and exporter for worldwide deliveries
Patent medicines, generic drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products

Europe patent medicines, generic drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products

Located in Valencia, Spain, we are wholesaler, distributor and exporter of proprietary drugs, generic drugs, vaccines, ophthalmic products, pharmaceutical products and medicines. We are licensed and authorized by the European Union and Spain Ministry of Health to distribute pharmaceuticals products worldwide.

We offer more than 10,000 drugs, generic drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products available in the European Union. Due to the Spanish governments health policy we offer them for export at the best rates in Europe.
We have also privileged relationships with all Spanish generic drugs producers which are well known for their high quality and competitiveness comparing Asia, Brazil or Canada.

Reliability and security: as we fight against the drugs market tricks we do not guarantee only our prices but a 100% European Standards quality.

We are one of the few companies working at an international level to improve health standards from an integral perspective. The company is involved in a continuous process of research into new developments in the medical field, thus adapting our products to the concrete requirements of each country market.

We are in position to send quotes for international competitive biddings
We also seek professional business registered partners towards some African countries.

We have extended our product range with high quality cosmetics, herbal medicines, parapharmaceutical products, body and hair care products range, hospital and medical supplies and diagnostic tests. Feel free to consult us. We provide services in Spanish, in English, in French and Russian.

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Stanozolol & testosterone special offer for export

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European Union legal export conditions

To enable us to send a quotation on pharmaceutical products, customers will be requested to provide a Company Profile in order to verify they are an authorized pharmaceutical company. As a pharmaceutical exporter, we must notify to the Spanish Sanitary Authority which is the final destination of the medicines, so we may previously check all the details about the importer company.

Wholesale only
No retail and no sending of any drug to private persons.

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