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Cote d'Ivoire organic or standard cocoa beans for export

Directly from a from a registered exporter joinning together several cooperatives with good export references we offer organic or standard Cote d'Ivoire cocao beans

1.Origin : Cote d’Ivoire

2. Average specifications: Consult us

3. Packing: 62.5 to 65kg net (customer option) new jute bags

4. Availabilities: all year long but as small organic cocoa beans are available it's recommanded to plan any order in advance

5. Documents
All usual commercial documents for this commodity
SGS, Veritas or Cornelder certification before shipping.

6. Delivery time
15 to 30 days when payment conditions are ok
Deliveries out of warehouses San Pedro or Abidjan or, little, FOB or CFR

7. Price
Except if offer of a for special batch or quality, prices are most of time London fixing.
Validity of an offer is no longuer than 5 days
If no payment guarantee in this time the order is cancelled

8. Payment
Usually: irrevocable CL confirmed by first class European bank, never CAD.

Crop season reminder

- Large one: November* - February - 70 % (better quality)
- Small one: April - June - 30 % (smaller cocoa beans)

* was October a few years ago

Deliveries all year long

Cocoa beans batches trade in Ivory Coast and/or Ghana
Information for new buyers

To ovoid any misunderstanding please read very carefully the following information

- The cocoa beans are sold only by batches from several to thousands metric tons.

- There are all year long batches for sale, depending:
1.  The level of activity of factories which get the cocoa fevers in the bush, remove dirt, sort, dry (very important) and pack fevers.
There are dozens of these factories from Abidjan to San Pedro (400 km)
2. Needs of the market

The buyer or his representative has to:
. check himself the batch in authorized exporter warehouse
. check documents and quality certificates
. manage his own analysis before any purchasing because all batches are different for quality (grade, moisture, mold, broken...) even after processing of raw cocoa fevers

Then the buyer have to do a proposal, most of time London fixing price, depending quality and quantity. Some batches can be more expansive because highest quality in some areas from Ivory Coast.

If there is an agreement with the seller the buyer has to confirm and reserve the batch with an immediate bank guaranty even if the delivery is not prompt.

Without these condition a buyer can only get unsold batches.

Important notice

The basic rule in cocoa beans professional market is
The seller issues an offer with quality, quantity, delivery time, other useful information and delivery out of warehouses price or, little a FOB or CIF price.
The buyer has a maximum 24 hours delay to reply with a LOI or any relevant document to confirm his agreement; then the buyer must pay cash (Swift) within 2-3 days, except if he is well known in the cocoa trade market.
If you cannot work according this rule we probably cannot help you.

We can guarantee to the reliable buyers constant deliveries in good conditions

Besides usual checking by SGS, Veritas or Cornelder any delivery is checked by our SCAC Canadian representative in Abidjan.

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