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SCAC Network it is:
- A presence on the Web since 1998.
- over 3.2 millions professional visitors per year from 165 countries
- 550.000 pages visited monthly
- an excellent rank in English and in French with Google for most of our targeted products and services
- an excellent quality-to-price ratio advertising service with our English French Websites network
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Web advertising

Google, we advertise with them, means millions of hits per day but what are your exact incomes with Google, Alibaba or Europages according the cost ?

With SCAC Network you pay only for results and not per ''click''
Go-go targeted Web advertising with payment only for identified received contacts

SCAC principle:
a) we offer advertising with services
b) you pay only for what you actually get: fees are invoiced only when you receive a customer request with his contact information !

As all information is translated from English into French we specialized also to target worldwide French speaking business peoplesin Europe, North Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, the Americas and other areas.
Even if you have an English Web site we can allow you to meet French speaking visitors through search enginesą

We create for you one or several informative pages about your products and services even if you have a Web site

1.Your Informative pages
Even if you have a high class Website you know that the search engines promote first the web sites with many links, many useful keywords and much information
The pages we  create are intended for the best rank with Google and other search engines (See example below)

2. These pages are published with Export forum + + SCAC Network
For Africa, Americas and Asia offers the pages are also published with
For China and Asia offers offers they are also published with
Asia trade

3. The requests you receive are well targeted
Your informative pages refer to a contact form which includes a complete contact information about the customer
This way is quite more precise than the ''pay per click'' system because:
The keywords which highlight or feature your corporate Web link could not be what the customers seek but you pay anyway even even if the surfer leave your Web site once from the home page.
Our visitors have to spend time to complete a form and to ask what they want

4. Follow-up 7 days per week*
We send a personalized reply and you receive it simultaneously with the contact information of the customers
We receive the contact forms and we reply within 24 hours to the customers with your sales department contact information and your corporate Web site link if any.
You pay only for the contact forms we forward to you

* Follow-up done only by expert, minimum University Master level over 10 years experience.

We get the challenge for you because we know what we can do it!

Other Web advertising solution if you don't have a Web site
or if your corporate Web site is not focused on sales

We create for you a special Web site en English + French with links towards our Web Network. Cost is only 500 Euros per year - including Web name, Web hosting and services services - plus 1% commissions on EXW amount sales done trough our Network. Examples China ceramic tiles, Romania products or Seafood.

Example of an informative targeted advertising

1) Resume of the trade offer available on our Web sites

Located close Milan, we are specialised for years in new and refurbished soap making machines and saponification plants. Starting on basis of many years of experience about all types of soap machines we are in a position to supply entire soap lines as well as single machines. We have more than 350 soap machines available for all types of productions such of solid soap (laundry soap, toilet soap, hotel soap), liquid soap and all types of packaging machines
We are also agents for all types of brand new machines (amalgamators, roll mill, pre-refining plodders, plodders, high speed cutters, soap presses, conveyors …) for solid and liquid soap
We can follow our customer in each step of your project: technical discussions, preparation of offers with full details, preliminary layouts, various engineering services, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and start up. Soap machines examples and contact

This offer is published on 3 Web sites for global trade

2) The link refer to informative pages

3) Contact form
The informative pages refer to a private contact form

Classical advertising options with your logo

Our contracts

Three, six and twelve months term agreements, renewable by priority for customers.
Consult us for the fees and a customized proposal

Advertising with us means: no business = no fees
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